Dyson V10 Vs Kirby: How Well Does a Kirby Vacuum REALLY Clean?


The video that finally shows how well a Kirby really performs relative to other modern cleaners on common fitted carpeting. Old is best? Sequel video to this at https://youtu.be/qJlaBeqVs7E
1. Using rugs to mislead Kirby performance – https://youtu.be/BG76LvAbclU
2. Using a Kirby to remove flour under a rug – https://youtu.be/qu4B3ve_jVc
3. Kirby Vacuum Agitation Vs Deep Dirt – https://youtu.be/UaOjiLqkgGA
4. Problems with EU energy labels – https://youtu.be/_sjBUd7NHSM
5. Dyson vs EU energy labels – https://youtu.be/cNDr6aEULIA
6. How my testing was done – https://youtu.be/WQxBJY0_abQ
7. Why cleaner head design optimisation matters – https://youtu.be/EhcF0MH9HfQ
8. Why aggressive agitation isn’t necessary – https://youtu.be/urXCmJsDgXs