February 2019 Product Talk: Heart Health


If you can’t get enough of the science behind our products – especially when it’s delivered by Product Education Specialist Dani Catania – or you missed out on the action the first time around, you’re in luck! Catch up on the February Isagenix® ANZ Product Talk Webinar.
In this episode we cover a topic close to everyone’s heart… it’s heart health! Follow the timestamps below to fast-forward to the information you need for yourself or your team.
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0:01 – Welcome
2:77 – Heart Health Statistics
3:40 – Nutrients and plant-based compounds to support heart health: Nitrates
5:38 – Richest sources of nitrates
6:10 – How to increase your nitrate intake
7:25 – Nitrates and AMPED™ NOx
9:16 – Background on antioxidants
10:26 – How antioxidants work
12:35 – Isagenix® antioxidant-rich products
14:54 – Background on Omega 3s
17:33 – Isagenix IsaOmega™
18:07 – Summary
19:36 – Q&A Introduction and disclaimer
20:19 – Calorie limits: Will cutting my calorie intake leave me super hungry?
24:18 – Do Cleanse for Life™ and IsaFlush™ contain caffeine? Do Isagenix Snacks™ contain soy lecithin?
24:43 – After using the products for three weeks I feel bloated and lethargic, similar to how I feel when I consume other dairy/soy products. Is this normal?
28:04 – It would be great to understand why so many lactose-intolerant people do really well with IsaLean™ Shake and IsaPro™.
29:30 – My customer completed a Cleanse Day and found that she could not sleep that night. She thought it might have been because was going to bed on an empty stomach. Have you ever heard of this happening? She is also on medication.
31:24 – If someone needs to be very careful with their fibre intake due to gastric bypass surgery causing bowel issues, would Isagenix, in particular IsaLean Shake, be safe for them?
33:30 – I have the gene mutation MTHFR. Can I still use Isagenix products?
36:02 – I’m currently on antibiotics for a severe bout of sinusitis. When is it okay for me to do a Cleanse Day? Can I do them while on antibiotics? Daily? Single day? Double Cleanse?
37:07 – I’ve been recommended by my doctor to take iron and vitamin D supplements to correct a deficiency. I would love to use Isagenix Complete Essentials™ if they can provide these things I’m deficient in. Can you advise?
38:57 – Should coffee and tea be excluded in your first 30 days on Isagenix?
40:00 – My friend has colitis and she is very eager to try Isagenix. Are there any specific recommendations for Cleanse Days? She became ill on the second day of her double Cleanse.
42:17 – I’m a PT and I have a few potential clients with Type 1 diabetes. Can they follow the normal Cleanse program, or do they have to make changes? If so, what is the best way for them to enjoy Isagenix?
43:50 – Thanks for tuning in and disclaimers