GAEMS Vanguard Black Edition – Console Carrying Case review


Paul Acevedo reviews the GAEMS Vanguard Black Edition. Full review: Follow us on Twitch: …



  1. Hey, I’m here in 2018. I want to get this case for my Xbox One S, but I’m not sure if it’s worth it or if I should just get the G-Story. Thoughts?

  2. i was thinking about getting something like this. only problem, i cannot justify it. sure it would come in handy when say at the airport. problem is, who wants to carry around all that bulk when you still need to carry around other things.

  3. guys , if you ever take loose the straps from the small compartment. Just take your thumb as hard as you can and slip thevpart of the strap in the slot then pull the rest of it from the other side. This happens to me and I found out the hard way. Or even take a knife and push the straps under the holding compartment. don't make the mistake of taking the straps completely out and it should be fine .

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