Google Pixel 4a Review | The best mini phone of 2020


Review of Google’s new Pixel 4a smartphone, one of the greatest mid-range mobiles of 2020 – even if it lacks some of the premium specs of rivals like the OnePlus Nord. I’ve been testing the camera tech, performance, battery life and every part of the Pixel 4a, for my final verdict.

So yes, you don’t get a 90Hz screen, or the impressive Snapdragon 765G platform here. However, with the SD730G you can still get gaming on PubG Mobile, Call of Duty and other Android titles. There’s just no 5G support, for future-proofing.

But Google impresses with the Pixel 4a on many other levels. The camera is one of the best around, easy to use with brilliant photo and video results. This is also one of the only compact smartphones of 2020, while the stock Android 10 OS will be updated for a guaranteed three iterations.

I really like the 5.8-inch OLED screen, which could do with being a little brighter but is otherwise sharp, colourful and HDR-ready. Plus the audio chops are solid (‘stereo’ speaker aside).

So are you tempted by the Google Pixel 4a? Check out my unboxing and comparison versus the OnePlus Nord, which I’ve also reviewed separately.