GoPro App Tutorial: Get To Know GoPro's Mobile App


The 2019 GoPro App Tutorial guides you through GoPro’s mobile app using an iPhone (iOS) and the Hero 7 Black. Using the App to control your camera and capture footage on an Android device is very similar.

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This how to tutorial video shows you how to use your GoPro camera with the GoPro App on a phone or tablet. The instructions in this tutorial can be used with the Hero 7 Black, Silver and White, as well as older Hero 6, 5, 4 and 3 WiFi enabled GoPro cameras.

This video includes instructions for:
1:00 Connecting to the GoPro App the First Time
2:24 Reconnecting to the GoPro App
3:10 Connection Distance
3:26 Using Multiple Cameras
3:45 Using the App while Filming
3:58 Changing shooting modes, settings, and recording using the GoPro App
6:53 Viewing and Transferring Photos and Videos
9:34 AutoTransfer for QuikStories
10:11 Updating the Firmware

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Jordan Hetrick

Music: David Hilowitz “Scattered Light”
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License



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