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Hi Yall,
Today I’m here to discuss low porosity hair, how to build a low porosity hair regimen starting with a low porosity wash day. Now that you learned you have low porosity hair, what should you do next? What makes a good hair product? You moisturizing regimen needs to begin with wash day, this video will feature ingredients to look for and products and techniques that work. Use these ingredients as a reference to what you should look for when looking for products for you naturally curly hair.
I have fine, low porosity, high density hair strands and this products are use for my low porosity hair regimen.
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Low Porosity Hair Regimen/ Low porosity 4c hair products

These products are focused on low porosity natural hair, holy grail products:

SHAMPOO: Bask and Bloom Shampoo Bar, Aztec Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul clay
CONDITIONER: Obia Naturals Deep Conditioner, Aubrey Organics GBP Conditioner, Shea Moisture Low Porosity Deep Conditioner
PROTEIN TREATMENTS: Bask and Bloom Brahmi Root Conditioner
HERBS: Henna, Cassia, Brahmi

Part Two On How to Moisturize your Low Porosity hair

Blog post on Low Porosity Hair
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