How To Pick The Best Laptop For Programming in 2022!

​@Just Josh is here to help you pick the best laptop for programming in 2022! Josh is a professional programmer and laptop reviewer, so he’s got a unique perspective to offer.
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What Makes a Great Laptop for Programmers in 2022?
0:00 Introduction to Josh
1:16 Processor (CPU)
4:07 Single or Multi Threaded Performance?
6:13 Graphics (GPU)
9:02 Older 2nd Hand Models?
9:23 Memory (RAM)
11:10 Upgradeability Options
11:28 Storage
13:58 Screen – IMPORTANT!
18:18 Keyboard – IMPORTANT!
21:03 Camera
22:25 Ports
23:55 Battery
27:56 Operating System
31:26 Low End Laptop Suggestions
33:12 Mid Range Laptop Suggestions
34:41 High End Laptop Suggestions
36:24 Laptop Reviews For Programmers

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