How to set up custom and personalized products on Shopify (free)

A free method to create personalizable products in Shopify.
How to offer custom products with custom user inputs.

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Personalized products are certainly a billion dollar industry by now. Offering unique products like personalized jewelry, custom print on demand products, or other sorts of highly personalized products help you stand and make your store feel unique and premium.

In this video, we’re covering how to set up custom products on Shopify, by adding new custom input fields and product options on the product page. The four most common input fields you’d find are text inputs, checkboxes, custom image uploads, and dropdown select elements. All four can be added through code and don’t need any further paid apps.

This video might also be interesting for anyone, who is into print on demand or drop shipping. You may have heard other influencers like Davie Fogarty, The Ecom King or Jordan, talk about these types of business models and about the importance of offering unique products.

For more advanced requirements like:
Previewing customizations, charging extra, conditional logic, full blown product configurators, automated fulfillment solutions, or anything else you may need help with please refer to:

Most recent version of the dawn theme:
Snippet file:

For those of you who are technically interested:
The feature that allows us to send custom data alongside products added to the cart is called “Shopify line item properties”.

You can read more about these right here:

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