How to Start a Smart Home in 2021


How to start or expand your smart home in 2021 – should you use a company or do it yourself? What’s new with smart home tech this year? What kind of devices should you get for your smart home?

0:00 Intro
0:22 Choosing a smart home platform
1:12 Apple, Amazon and Google’s platforms
1:55 Can you use multiple platforms?
2:15 Smart Home device compatibility
2:47 Project Connected Home over IP
3:23 What is Zigbee?
4:34 Are smart home hubs still needed?
5:25 Smart Home device type categories
5:43 Whole Home Audio
6:47 Controlling TVs and Media rooms
8:03 Smart lights
9:24 Smart light accessories
9:40 Smart light switches
10:10 Smart thermostats
10:58 Smart Home security systems
12:20 Smart Home appliances & accessories
13:09 Automating your smart home
14:23 Closing thoughts

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