How to use your UnitedHealthcare OTC healthy benefits card at Walmart.

I get this extra benefit from United healthcare dual plan.
It reloads every month on the 1st and if you don’t use all the money it resets so make sure that you either go over by a little that way you get your full benefit.

I did this video because I had a really hard time figuring out how to use this card and basically the best way to use it is to just check out yourself and scan the card because a lot of the times the checkout person has no idea how to use this card.

What I did to figure out what is covered or not at the store is I would at first scan each item as a single purchase to see if it’s covered by the card or not so it was just a process of elimination.

Like I said in the video you can use it to buy healthy food like fresh fruits vegetables canned vegetables fresh meat canned meat and protein drinks vitamins supplements and other Medical things like Band-Aids or any other gauzes or and stuff like that.

They also gave you a 800 number that you can call and order some of the stuff so it just comes to your house.

If you have United healthcare dual plan I would seriously look into this extra benefit I just got this benefit starting in January and it is a godsend because my protein drinks are very expensive.

You can also use this card at Safeway and Walgreens but I myself have not used it there yet.

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