Hyundai Kona Electric 2021 review: Highlander EV small SUV – the best electric car in Australia?

00:00 Intro
00:50 Pricing and specs
02:52 Design
04:13 Practicality
06:54 Drivetrain
07:17 Energy consumption
09:23 Driving
13:07 Safety
14:08 Ownership
14:39 Verdict

We take a look at Hyundai’s updated Kona Electric for the 2021 model year. Back when I first reviewed it, I said that this could possibly be the best electric car in Australia, but will that still ring true now that it has been updated in a rapidly changing electric landscape?

We take a close look at the range – which most closely rivals the Kia Niro EV, Nissan Leaf e+, Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, and MG ZS EV to find out.

We’ll look at eight key factors including Pricing – From $62,000 does the entry-level Elite make sense against rivals, or should you splurge to the $66,000 Highlander? How does its official 480km range stack up?

Design – Does the Kona electric look better or worse this time around? What should buyers be looking for on the outside and in the cabin

Practicality – Is the Kona EV any more or less practical than the combustion version? How does it compare to the segment, and will it fit your standard array of adults and every-day objects?

Drivetrain – what powers the Kona EV? Does it compare well to combustion cars or electric rivals?

Energy consumption – Did I find any surprises when it came to the Kona’s rate of battery consumption – and what is it like to charge up?

Driving – How does it feel behind the wheel – will the Kona make first time adopters love or hate an electric motor?

Safety – Does the Kona come fully loaded? Has Hyundai added anything new this time around? We take a look.

Ownership – There’s less moving parts, so it should be cheap to run, right?

And ultimately – Verdict: Is the Kona still one of the best electric cars on sale in Australia?

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