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We test the updated Hyundai Kona Electric and see what this electric small SUV is like to drive.
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The Hyundai Kona Electric is a fully-electric compact crossover that runs a 64kWh battery and 150kW front motor. The Kona is one of our EV winners on Chasing Cars thanks to its highly accurate range and consumption claims. Well, the Kona Electric has now been facelifted and it now has even more range, with a WLTP claim of 484km thanks to new Michelin tyres.

That makes the Kona EV arguably better in terms of value for money than a Tesla Model 3 if your main concern is range, particularly as our recent EV Challenge found the Kona’s range estimates and consumption figures are highly accurate.

But should you consider the Kona Electric as your next SUV? How does the Model 3 or Niro compare?

In today’s video, Tom takes a detailed look at the Hyundai Kona Electric in Elite 2WD spec to give you detailed insights about this vehicle.

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Time codes:

0:00 – What is the Kona Electric?
1:32 – Interior
4:28 – Back seat
5:38 – Boot space
6:19 – Running costs
7:30 – Driving the 2022 Kona Electric
15:13 – Verdict on the Kona Electric