I purchased a VR headset because of ONE game…

For the past few years I’ve been quite sceptical about virtual reality, I’d tried it a few times at gaming conventions but only really saw it as something that would gather dust once the novelty of it wore off, I always intended to just wait for the technology to develop further before splashing out on it…
well that was the plan until around 2 months ago when my friend let me borrow his VR headset for a month and I stumbled across 1 game that I’ve enjoyed so much that I had to go out and buy my own Occulus Rift.

What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality and it’s future? do you think we’ll ever see a true VR MMO? have you personally lost weight from playing VR? let me know in the comments below!


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—Beat Sabre Description On Steam—

Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small cubes) as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and also the direction you need to match. All the music is composed to perfectly fit the hand made levels. Our goal is to make players almost dance while cutting the cubes and avoiding obstacles. Each cut is strongly supported by great sound and visual effects to emphasize the rhythm.
Unique gameplay with a great feel – Beat Saber combines the satisfying feeling of cutting with emergent perception of rhythm.
Handcrafted levels & music – All the basic levels and music in the game will be handcrafted to emphasise the music rhythm. The results are incomparable to similar games with generated content.
Game accessibility – Anyone can understand basic game principles and play the game in just a few seconds.

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I purchased a VR headset because of ONE game…


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