iOS vs Android in 2019 – Which One Should You Choose? [Simple Guide]


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With 2019 nearing, which operating system should you choose? iOS or Android? An iPhone or an Android phone? An iPad or an Android tablet?

We’ll look at the pros and cons of each OS in this video, and help you decide which is the right fit for you.

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  1. This whole video nay-says android if you listen closely and comprehensibly
    "android is terribly slow to roll out updates"

    lmao false

    you mean Samsung phones

    everything else is usually fine

    this review is shit

    there are sooo many faults and unmentioned crap about Apple phones
    what about repair?
    What about apple making people think they need a feature on their phone they never needed. purposely designing them to be fragile so they break more easily because the count on their customers to be more infatuated with aesthetics of their device rather than functionality
    Or the fact that every update, issue, system (icloud) they use to incentivize you, the sheep of a customer to buy a new one because you all are too lazy to try a new platform, and abusing the fact that kids in school have this uncontrollable impulse to "just be like every one else, i want an iPhone because my friends have one". MOST kids thinks that. or abuse the marketing idea that "they are designed for creativity. Macs are just better for media because i didn't do real research for what is good for me, I'm just following what every other mac user and what the advertisements told me"

    They also make all apple devices have this cult of an ecosystem to make people even further get sucked into the device euphoria that is apple.

    Make a REAL decision

    Look into them
    REALLY look into them
    Not what media says, not social media, not advertisements, ACTUAL reviews
    if you google "best smart phone", the first one is an iPhone then a Samsung one, do lots of digging
    Don't be a sheep and buy an android or apple just be cause some one else has one or "because the TV/advertisement told me to"

    I hope the rant of mine convinces you to be unique.Following a crowd with the illusion of it being unique is not okay.
    Be aware, Youtube Surfers.

  2. I would say both are at their own base ,,, be a person of freedom or person or performance, it's all similar, what you'd do in a phone is an conclusion to what you'd buy,, haha and suddenly Nokia changed the game xD

  3. If iPhone is so stable why in the hell don't you just keep your current iPhone? Why are you dummies so compelled to get the next model if your current model is so stable just to be $1100 poorer?

  4. Customizability is actually a con in my opinion as far as Android goes they lose because when you have WAY too many options for customization it makes me not want to customize at all it makes me not want to use my phone. My mother got a pixel 3 recently and I can't believe how clunky it is compared to the iphone 10.

  5. My first iPhone was the 8+ and I enjoyed. However I still went out and bought the Google Pixel 2. Next month I'm getting that note 10+ BOOYYYZZZ!

  6. Thanks because i was confused that my samsung a7 2018 had 4 gb of ram
    And iphone x has 3 gb of ram and now i now that iphones dont need ram so i can play elder scrolls blades without lags

  7. Both ios and android are fine. It's just a matter of preferences depending on your current lives.

    For me, I prefer android, not because of the extra features that ios does not have, but because Im able to save more money by buying phones that's affordable, and allows me to survive my college days.

    What's the point of buying expensive phones where you could just save more money by buying affordable phones that does all things that you wanted it to do. (Xiaomi branded phones as an example).

    Also, forget about ios vs android. It's ios vs other phone brands' based on android os. You'll have to research more deep to decide which is best for you.

    Sorry for this long post. Have a 🥔.

  8. Yeah they are both great buy a phone two months later both companies fuck you up your arse and destroy your phone so you have to buy a new one that doesn't work that goes for android more than apple

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