Is The Panasonic REAL 3DO Worth Playing in 2018!? – Console History and Review – THGM


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  1. I guess Trip Hawkins good intentions is what led to the console's downfall. A shame really but shame on you THGM for pirating. Dear oh dear…

  2. Stupid question, but is there no one in the UK that fixes old games platforms? They're not exactly chock-a-block here in the US, but you can find some if you look online hard enough.

  3. I was an original era owner of a 3DO and I can remember LOVING it. Games to look into could be Need for Speed, Jurassic Park Interactive, The Deadalus Encounter, and Twisted. Had so much fun with this thing.

  4. Between ps1 and 3do need for speed on 3do was more entertaining. it might have only had 3 point to point races that were cut into 3 stages each, but the driving was more fun.

  5. America and Japan had 60hz consoles, which ran at 60fps, and you guys had 50hz, which ran at 50 fps. It seems that higher voltage didn't help the framerate

  6. I had one back during the day, and I thought it was awesome! Especially games like the need for speed, pattonk, Po'ed, myhouse, e-mercenary, road rash, twisted, etc.

  7. I bought this console second-hand around 25 years ago and it still works! unfortunately the guy that sold it to me din't take great care with the CDs and they were damaged; I can't finish Crash and Burn and Killing time has half the garden labyrith loose it visual graphic (but you can still navigate through! yes I'm persistant) but the Dungeon and Dragon game works well. My control is getting old, and one feature you didn't talk about is the second control plug in the controler, making multiple players a possiblility! My brother played on a giant screen in a bar Road Rash with 8 players split-screen!

  8. I went from Sega to 3DO, I loved it (guardian war, off world interceptor, star fighter) and a video store near me rented games. Can't remember why I sold it to pay for a PS1 but I actually cried when I did.

  9. I'm sorry but that was the worst game system ever I tried to compare it with my friends PlayStation the first came out they tease me because PlayStation one was born advance and one faster my Panasonic video cannot stop that plus his was cheaper

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