John's Best Gift to Me


I could have kept making this video for days…but I think the biggest, most interesting thing I left out is that having certainty about what is valuable and awesome and cool is really great. Knowing without question that every moment I sunk into loving that band was /worth it/ was really nice…it meant I didn’t have to fret about whether I was wasting in my time.

These days, we really REALLY value being able to make our own individual minds up about every single thing, but I kinda miss the days when I could just deeply and suddenly believe that whatever John thought was cool was cool. It was less effort, but also less stressful. I think the way we’re living right now is definitely the weird way, and it results in a whole lot of stress and anxiety and maybe sometimes even depression.

I’m not saying we should go back to living in a world where whatever the leader of the tribe said was the thing to do was THE THING TO DO OR YOU DIED. But maybe a little bit more faith in other people’s tastes would be a little more relaxing.

OK! Thanks for reading!

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