MEGATRON: Evolution in Video Games (1985-2019) TRANSFORMERS


All Appearances of Megatron the Leader of the Decepticons in Video Games (1985-2019

Game list:
The Transformers (1985)
TF: Mystery of Convoy (1986)
Beast Wars: Transformers (1997)
TF: Beast Wars Transmetals (1999)
Duel Fight TF Beast Wars (1999)
DreamMix TV World Fighters (2003)
The Transformers (2003)
Transformers (2004)
TF: The Game (2007) + PSP and Nintendo DS
TF Video Mash-Up (2007)
TF G1: Awakening (2008)
Animated: The Game (2008) + PS2 & PSP & Nintendo DS and Mobile
TF: Battle Circuit (2009)
Battle for the Matrix (2009)
Battle Universe (2009)
– Megatron (Generation 1, Beast Wars, Movie, Animated)
War for Cybertron (2010) + Nintendo DS
Cybertron Adventures (2010)
Strike Zone Showdown (2010)
Dark of the Moon – The Game (2011)
TF: DOTM – Decepticons (2011)
TF: DOTM: Stealth Force Edition (2011)
Hunt for the Decepticons (2011)
Bot Shots Battle Game! (2012)
Fall of Cybertron (2012)
Transformers Legends (2012)
Prime – The Game (2012)
TF Prime: Decepticon Strike (2013)
Human Alliance (2013)
Rise of the Dark Spark (2014) + Nintendo 3DS
Battle Masters (2014)
Angry Birds Transformers (2014)
– Dark Megatron and Ultimate Megatron
Frontiers (2015)
Operation Omega (2015)
Battle Tactics (2015)
– Megatron (WFC, Leader, Gen 2, G1, Generations, Alligator, Transmetal II, Beast Wars, Transmetal, Armada)
Ultimate Allstars (2015)
Devastation (2015)
Earth Wars (2016)
– Megatron (G1, Beast Wars, Armada)
Forged to Fight (2017)
– Megatron (G1, ROTF)
Shadows Rising (2018)
Transformers: Online (N/A)

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The Evolution of Transformers:

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