Most Affordable HDR Super Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor!


The Viotek SUW49C is a 49″ 144Hz Super Ultra-Wide gaming monitor with freesync and a 4ms response time, it’s insane to game on with total gaming immersion. At $800 it’s a lot of money, but it’s also a lot of monitor, I hope your desk is big enough!

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  1. to be honest 1080 is a downside for movies BUT a huge PLUS for gaming. this way my gtx 1080 can keep up iwith much better details and there is not much difference. i mean i dont want to read something or draw… just wanna game with high details

  2. Since I see no testing equipment and he came up with the exact same measurements as Hardware Unboxed- I suspect he just ripped off that review. As for losing his virginity or taking LSD- I'm going to guess both are in the imagination column as well.

  3. hmm have you tried VR and LSD yet? how about when eye tracking is working so there's simulated depth-of-field focal point changing so stuff you look at in the distance makes your foreground blur a bit. also when you have a proper full body avatar that reflects what your human skeleton is doing that's going to pull you in pretty good mwuahahaha

  4. Been watching these affordable vids hoping to find an affordable monitor for least below 300 or something and everything are like 700+….how is that affordable guys T_T

  5. I think 1080p look bad on a 34" ultrawide, heck I don't even like in on the smaller ultrawide. I can't imagine how much I'd hate it on a 49" display. Yuck!

  6. Your content inspired me alot to do a personal style on a tech world, keep up the good work Jared! im always here to suppor!

  7. In what wourld do you think a 800 doller monitor is affordable. Thats the cost of a new computer not the best computer but still a gaming rig for that price.

  8. Legitimately clicked subscribe not just because of the tech review, but for the simple fact that you sound and act human rather than like something is firmly planted your ass. For that I say thank you.

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