My top 3 underrated budget action cameras


I had a friend ask me what I thought were the best budget action cameras that do 1080p really well as he doesn’t need/want 4K, so I thought I would also pass along my thoughts as what the Top 3 underrated budget action cameras are that shoot very good 1080 with EIS and if you add in the Isteady Pro2 gimbal, you have a winning combination.
Isteady gimbal:
Akaso V50X:


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Gear I recommend and use :

DJI Osmo Pocket on sale:
DJI Osmo Action:

Best drones I recommend
DJI Mavic Pro:
DJI Mavic Pro 2:
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Action cameras I recommend
DJI Osmo Action:
Sony FDR-X3000:
Hero 7 on Sale:
Hero 5 on sale:
Hero 6 on sale:
Firefly 8SE:
Firefly 8S:
Akaso V50 Pro:
Akaso V50:
ThiEYE T5e:
ThiEYE T 5 Edge:
ThiEYE E7:
SJ5000X Elite:
SJ6 Legend:
Eken H9R :
DBPOWER 4k action camera:

3 Axis gimbals I recommend:
Hohem ISteady Pro:
FeiyuTech G6 Plus:

Microphone I recommend
Blue Yeti USB Microphone:

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  1. Do you recommend the microphone sennheiser mke 2 elements? I was searching an external microphone and found this sennheiser and seems to have really good sound quality. I dont know if you have heard about it but supposedly it is made for gopro hero 4, the connection is mini usb so I think it would work in the Firefly 8SE. What is it your opinion about it?

  2. Could you do a comparison video of the Akashi V50X and the Firefly 8SE and tell us if it tops the firefly or any on this list

  3. Thanks, what pee's me off is the USA Amazon is the same price in the UK, eg… Gimble is $99 in the UK its £99 i get so frustrated knowing we're paying more for it.

  4. A good remind of these cameras…
    Yilite is shadowed by elder brothers and there are better Challengers at that price.
    But, Who underrated firefly 8se or mijia 4k??go pro owners?
    i prepare and publish swimming tutorials. that's why, i use cameras for surface and underwater.
    if i needed only one camera, it would be yi4k or firefly 8se.

  5. im thinking about buying one for my motorcycle adventure.which one is the best with external microphone?i saw on utube akaso v50 have issues with external microphone..

  6. Great channel. Looking at the three camera's you mentioned have you ever tried the Gitup Git2 and how it would compare to these three cameras when doing 1080p

  7. Underrated channel, really. I already ordered isteady pro 2 but you could do side by side comparison of g6 and isteady pro 2 to get some views. I actually didn't find any sbs comparison of feiyu g6 with isteady pro 2 on yt.

  8. I owned the yi lite and yi 4k plus. I didnt like that the yi lite didn't have wind noise reduction and the picture quality looked foggy. The yi 4k plus had great video quality and great stabilization but the audio was terrible from the back.

  9. I liked the last camera the best and when paired with that gimbal makes for a very affordable setup for those just getting into videography. Cheers

  10. I love my GoPro Hero 7 Black but I'm having some problems with overheating when flying and recording in a Cessna 152 (I think I worked them out but I can only record a maximum of 1080 60FPS with GPS, wifi, and voice commands off to keep the heat down). The GoPro Hero 7 is great quality though when I use it for reviews on my YouTube Channel and is not left on long enough during reviews to let it over heat (4K 60FPS). I used an SJCAM SJ7 STAR before that for 1080 60FPS while flying the plane without it ever overheating, but I refuse to use SJCAM due to the terrible customer service, the micro usb port breaking on both SJ7 STARs I bought (no audio after), and the fact that the SJ8 Pro I had bought to replace the SJ7 died and they basically did nothing about it (not even an RMA request was granted and they erased my help tickets). That being said….I'm really digging the Firefly 8SE after your review should I need to record in 1080 60FPS. My question is how is the electronic image stabilization on the Firefly by itself? I can't use a gimbal on the plane because it is mounted to the back windshield.

  11. Unbelievable what we can get nowadays for under $100. I’m moving to 4K, BUT, I can say NO ONE has ever left a comment saying, “Hey! That’s 1080p!” No one cares about the resolution, they just care that it looks good. Great video as always. 👍

  12. Thanks for this! I forked out for the Osmo Action (love/hate relationship with that from day 1) and it records in 4K but… as a new YouTube content creator, my free video editors (I have two) can't upload the final cuts in 4K – my hp laptop can do it in 1080 and the free version of lightworks only in the 740… so, for those starting out, I'd add, don't worry about 4k yet if you want to start small. If you want a $400 and up editing suite from day one, then do go for something like the Hero 7 (or 8 that just came out!) but otherwise… keep it to the basics and learn as you go!

    This video is particularly helpful because while I went for the pricey Osmo Action, my daughter got a $30 Kitvision which films in HD! The options are basic but it films underwater and does the job! Basic box, etc, but she's happy with it! I think these shown here in the vid are better looking results, so don't go out and look for Kitvision (unless you really want to lol)

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