New Nokia Feature Phones at IFA 2019 | Flip, Tough & Bargain


Hands-on review with the new Nokia 2720 Flip, 110 and 800 Tough at IFA 2019, a trio of feature phones launching globally in September and October.

The most exciting new addition to Nokia’s feature line-up is the 2720, a reimagined version of the classic flip phone. This slick-looking handset boasts full KaiOS including Google Assistant support, dual screens, 4G connectivity, a 2MP camera and impressive battery life. All for under £100. It’s a solid feature mobile for anyone who wants something a bit more stylish, while the ICE and accessibility functions also make it well suited to older users or anyone who needs extra assistance.

The Nokia 110 is an updated version of the 105, fresh for 2019 with games and music support. It’s incredibly budget-friendly with a $20 US asking price, while offering a strong set of features and long battery life.

Meanwhile the Nokia 800 Tough is IP68 water and dust resistant, as well as drop resistant. Good news if you want a rugged feature phone to see you through a long weekend of outdoor activities.

Hope my hands-on reviews are useful, and check out my coverage of the 6.2 and 7.2 smartphones out here at IFA.