NEW Verizon GIZMO WATCH Review!


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The new Verizon Gizmo watch released 10/9/18. Device now runs on 4G LTE network. Definite upgrade from the Gizmo gadget. It fits much nicer on my child’s wrist, not so bulky. Some have issues with battery life, I have not, so far the battery is on its second day without charging and still has plenty battery left. I recommend charging fully through night,and the battery will last all day. The watch strap is poorly designed, I changed mine to a 20mm standard band. The device calls for a 22mm, but I was not able, nor was the store employee able to get this particular 22mm to fit. I have read the reviews where someone was able to change to a 22mm band, it probably depends on the band. Also, don’t forget to use/join the GizmoHub BETA for parent app to work!
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