Nokia 5.3 Review | Best New Budget Phone Champion?


Review of the Nokia 5.3 after a full week of personal testing, to see if the camera tech, performance, battery life and other bits make this one of the best budget-friendly smartphones of 2020.

There’s lots to love about the Nokia 5.3, which delivers impressive gaming grunt for under £200. PubG Mobile, Call of Duty and other Android titles all play with a pleasing frame rate. Meanwhile the stock Android 10 UI is another delight, despite the lack of a one handed mode.

If this cheap phone has one weak point, it’s the camera. Any kind of tricky lighting or subject motion usually results in a rubbish photo, although you do get a surprisingly capable night mode. But the Nokia 5.3 can’t beat some rivals from Realme and Xiaomi when it comes to photography.

Still, this budget blower is definitely a winner as far as the display tech goes, serving up quite sharp HD visuals with respectable quality. And the battery life is good enough to keep you going through very intensive days, with lots of camera play, gaming and so on.

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