Oculus Go vs Gear VR vs Cheap VR: which mobile VR headset should you buy?


What is the best mobile VR headset in 2019? Which VR headset should you buy? What’s the difference between Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR and a cheap VR headset or Google Cardboard headset? In this video, I’ll help you find the best headset for your needs, for the lowest price. I’ll also show the difference between a cheap VR headset and an Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR. I also discuss why it is better not to get an Oculus Go and to wait for the Oculus Quest instead.

If you are starting to shoot in VR180 or 3D 180, or if you are thinking of a mobile VR headset, then here are my recommendations, in order of preference.
1. Oculus Quest
2. If you have Samsung S8 or above: Samsung Gear VR
3. If you have any other kind of phone: Oculus Go
4. Google Daydream
5. Google Cardboard
To find out why, watch this video.