One of Nature’s best gift – Sunrise over the sea, the most wonderful natural phenomena in the world


One of Nature’s best gift – Sunrise
the most wonderful natural phenomena in the world

Sunrise one of the best gift by God to mankind. During the phase of sunrise every morning the surrounding and all over near by is calm and peaceful. A slight soothing breeze around to calm your body and soul. It’s said during sunrise the oxygen levels are the best, that is the flowers bloom at the gaze of sunrise.

The golden ray’s of sun give a vibrant coloring to the clouds. This marks the journey of the sun in the sky. The small ball of fire with bright ray’s goes increasing and shining.

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my best Hobby and very close to my heart. I love fishing and value it a lot, If you have never experienced it, I think you are really missing something, and so you can’t truly give your honest opinion on this sport. To my mind, each and every time I go fishing is unique just for the experience and no incident is ever forgotten. Fishing is unique compared to others, and I find it can be anything from a relaxing, to a very intense experience, and every time is different.

When you go fishing to sea or stream or to a pond, you experience and see an environment that is entirely different from your ordinary life. You appreciate and enjoy this new environment. If you interact with nature, you become a part of it, and this makes you forget all the worries of the world.

Fishing is a recreation where and even the worst day, when you catch no fish at all, is better than the time spent at home doing chores. Many people comment that the pleasure of fishing lies in the activity itself, not in how many fish are caught. Pinning prawns in your hooks, putting them in water for hours and waiting, and then finally catching a fish are truly spectacular feelings.