OTC Medicine Dangers – Prescription Free Medications Risk – Safety Training Video

OTC Drug Dangers – Prescription Free Medications Risk – Safety Training Video

Over the Counter, or OTC medications, may be purchased without a prescription. But prescription-free does not mean risk-free.

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More than 100,000 OTC compounds are in use all over the world. Many carry certain risks, so usage instructions are important. More important is knowing your own health and physical conditions, and the suitability of these medicines for you.

This short safety training video outlines many risks and dangers associated with OTC medications, as well as where to get the right information.

OTC drugs carry many warnings associated with the risks when using them. Drowsiness, reactions with other medications, organ and tissue damage, skin reactions, adverse effects if you suffer from any medical condition, the list goes on and on.

There are also many other dangers, such as using the medicines for too long a period of time, using them in ways they were not designed for, preventing prescribed medications from acting effectively, even causing a severe reaction with chemicals you may be exposed to at home or at work.

Get all the facts you can and use OTC medications properly.

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Also called: Non-prescription drugs, OTC medicines


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