PIMAX 5K XR OLED VR headset – First Honest Impressions… in depth!


Here’s my first and honest impressions of the Pimax 5K XR OLED version VR headset, in-depth SweViver-style of course, kind of a shorter 5K XR hands-on review! Is the Pimax 5K XR with OLED panels the best VR headset for true enthusiasts in 2019?

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The new 5K XR is the new OLED panel version of the wide FOV Pimax family of headsets with deeper blacks, better color reproduction and higher contrast. This, combined with 170 degrees of wide FOV and high resultion 1440p panels, makes it to maybe of the most sophisticated enthusiast VR headset today. In this Pimax 5K XR first impression review, I will let you know all about its pros and cons, its advantages and also it’s downsides.

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The Pimax 5K XR, 8K and the 5K+ are three next generation high end VR headsets with ultra wide FOV and high resolution display panels. They are a big step forward from the current VR generation of Samsung Odyssey and Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro thanks to the wide FOV. The Pimax VR headsets are are already available as the pre-orders have already started. More info here:

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