Pixel 3 XL Long-Term Review | Still worth it in 2019?


Long-term review of the Google Pixel 3 XL, as the first leaks and rumours of the new Pixel 4 emerge online. Should you still buy the original XL-sized Android Pie phone, or hold off for the new 2019 Google handset?

This 6.3-inch smartphone comes packing a premium price, although you’ll often find it discounted just four months after the release. It’s still one of the best camera phones right now, despite packing a single-lens 12.2MP shooter around back – if anything it’s better than ever thanks to Google’s new Night Mode feature, which I’ve fully tested.

But should you buy the Pixel 3 XL in 2019, whether it’s discounted or not? After all, strong rivals such as the Galaxy S10 Plus and Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro can be grabbed for about the same asking price, while the OnePlus 6T is considerably cheaper.

Performance is lagging behind with the older Snapdragon 845 chipset on board, and the Pixel does occasionally stutter with a game of PubG Mobile (at least on higher detail levels). Still, this smartphone is speedy enough for everyday use and battery life is long enough for all-day intensive play. There’s plenty to love about the stock Android UI as well, despite the lack of face recognition and call screening here in the UK.

What do you think of my long-term review of the Pixel 3 XL? Let me know down below, ta!