Runcam 5 the 4K FPV action camera (first look, sample footage)


It’s a $99 camera designed for drones and RC planes so exactly what have they left out of this 4K FPV action camera in order to keep the price down and just how do you change the settings on a camera with no LCD and no Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity? Here is a walk around the Runcam 5 and my initial thoughts. No deal-breakers yet so it’s looking like pretty good value — but a follow-up video is coming where I’ll look more closely at video quality and other aspects of this camera.

Disclosure: the camera used in this review was provided free of charge by Runcam but I’m no shill… there are no affiliate links or sponsorships at RCModelReviews and for this I thank my Patreon supporters.

The Foxeer Box 2 review by RCSchim mentioned in this video can be watched here:



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