Samsung Future Technology That Will Blow Your Mind – The World In 2020


You will experience the future technology coming in 2020. These technologies are imagined by Samsung and will blow you away. 2020 is in less than 2 years ,but a lot of new amazing and cool gadgets will hit the market . In 2020 ,displays,smartphones,robots and many other gadgets will evolve for the best.
The upcoming technology for 2020 are incredible.
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  1. Ses triste que l'humanité préfère la technologie qui ne sert à rien plutôt que de sauvé la planète en péril..une seul panne d'électricité ,et adieu no jouet…

  2. To you unbelievers. Y’all believe this shit!
    Y’all said the same thing about iPhones back in the day… touch screens and Bluetooth. Here we got them. Y’all better wake up 😴.
    Realize cars drive they mf self todays.

  3. کیا دنیا میں اس طرح کی ڈیوائس موجود ہیں جو انسان جس جگہ پر موجود ھو وھاں پر وہ چھوٹی سی ڈیوائس کے ذریعے جنس عمر غذائیت با آسانی معلوم کر سکے شکریہ

  4. It is kind of hard to predict what the future will look like but even if many of these inventions come to pass, it will more likely be around the year 2050 or later

  5. The thumbnail KINDA exists now no lie. LG just showed off a rollable TV and foldable phones are supposed to be a thing this year (2019). But ya, let get to it Samsung (and LG). We have (less than) 1 year until 2020

  6. They found a way to put a camera and screen on everything we already have. Can’t we invent something new besides same old shit over and over. Let’s put a tablet inside a refrigerator. Wtf I can do that with double sided duct tape and save a boat load.

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