Samsung Galaxy A51, A71, A81 Confirmed | A Series 2020 Revealed!!!


Samsung has Officially filed trademark for Upcoming 2020 Samsung Galaxy A Series which includes the Galaxy A11, A21. A31, A41, A51, A61, A71, A81, and A91.

2020 Samsung Galaxy A Series News, Latest Design and Information. Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A81, and Galaxy A91.

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  1. When will the A50 presumably come out next year? I am considering buying the A50 now and not sure if I should wait for the A51.

  2. You sound like the guy that always calls me on a hijacked phone number wanting my credit card number to give me a better interest rate.

  3. I'm not sure I think the A51 and A71 but hopefully we can get a better ideea of new and better rotations on the A81 hopefully will be much better.

  4. I still have my Samsung a8 which I love dearly while the a80 replaces it to me it no worth my money it is a scandalous failure. ? The a50 is decent phone a70 as a solid overall experience. But I will love to se the a90 I just hope it comes two front cameras thre rear cameras normal ,ultra wide and peri scope and ips68

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