Samsung Galaxy Flex 2020 Future Smartphone Concept with Flexible Display


Samsung Flex 2020 introduction Concept video with Price and specification. for know more about samsung Flex click here;

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We already know that during Samsung’s CES 2013, a prototype mobile device that used flexible AMOLED display technology was shown to the public, Samsung also demonstrated its vision of future smartphone devices. Samsung is moving forward to developing flexible display technology which changes the definition of future smartphones. Samsung is working on a Next flagship smartphone with rollable OLED screen (flexible screen) and According to rumors that would be the Samsung Flex 2020.
According to the patent document leaks the smartphone seems to have pure infinity design with bendable display

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The above patent images has leaked which suggest a single screen design of foldable mobile device, which has similar functionality of Flexible or rollable design and would be called as Samsung Flex 2020.

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