Samsung Q90 4K QLED TV vs. LG C9 OLED TV


What a difference one letter makes. The terms OLED and QLED may look very similar but are two entirely different beasts. In our QLED vs. OLED battle, we compare Samsung’s best 4K LED TV for 2019, the Q90, with LG’s C9 OLED.

LG’s 2019 OLED TVs now offer A.I. ThinQ, which is powered by the Alpha 9 Gen 2 processor and add Amazon Alexa support. The C9 OLED TVs will start rolling out in April.

Samsung’s Q90 QLED for 2019 is the best 4K TV Samsung has ever made, packed with smart user-friendly features to make installation and use easy.

Samsung’s QLED line of TVs is a series coined by the company that means “quantum light emitting diode”. The branding is an attempt to distinguish this TV as Samsung’s most premium television and has the capacity to produce an image that’s brighter than an OLED TV.

With LG’s OLED TV, the image is produced by starting with perfect black. With true blacks being produced, it’s hard to beat the OLED in terms of picture quality. The color is spot on straight out of the box, and its motion is smoother than the QLED.

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  1. Hell yes, re-upload! Sort of. Scrub to 8:20 and watch. Still have questions? I'll be around to answer them here in the comments. Give me a while, though, because I am about to take off for the day and may not be back on until tomorrow AM.

  2. If Screen Burn is a serious issue for some of you, then Samsung's QLED technology is the best thing out for you at this moment, but if you aren't worried about that then OLED is way better and HDR content feels more immersive.
    BUUUUUTTTTT, that is just my opinion.

  3. This is bias af towards samsung – Any oled out preforms any samsung the only real plus to an samsung is that its extremely bright , where as any oled be it Panasonic, Sony, LG, Philips etc tend to be the most natural meaning it looks more like what we as people would see day to day. LG also has G-Sync making it the best gaming tv in the world right now. Here's how it works if you have an extremely bright room and mai
    ly watch during the day get a qled q80+. If you have a fairly lit room and watch alot of movies , sports etc get an oled the LG C9 or E9 are the best overall the sony A9g is good if you have extra money to spend and have a small room and don't want to get a sound bar. Best Tv tech right now is oled hands down. Best tv right now looking at price ,specs is an LG C9. Questions or concerns dm me

  4. LG sucks!! Why? Because their OLED is the only decent they make! Plain and simple!
    1. Horrible LCD TV's
    2. Soundbars have bad delay
    3. Customer support sucks badly!!
    4. No product support. You bought it, now you own it. That's what they say!! Blamed me for poor picture
    LG 👎👎👎

  5. Just Googled LG Oled freesync… It says they absolutely support it😒 why would a Samsung 2.0 tv have it and a LG 2.1-.2 tv not have it.
    The bathroom scene(look at the fire box) and the hallway scene shows you everything you need to know

  6. Want an oled but after this vid i think ill get burn in a year of use the way i use tvs dang that sucks guess ill wait for microled 2/3 years

  7. OLED blow samsings out of water in last 2 years. But the thin glass at top is a liability and not necessary if the bottom is still 2 inches thick. But OLEDs and C9 are clearly better than sammies.

    Also having the brain of TV separate is not a benefit. Every client I have that has the samsungs still have to send an expensive $200 proprietary cord in wall and it's not even rated to be in wall.

    Samsung has failed me and my clients with these QLEDs and the frame. I've jumped on OLED bandwagon and absolutely love recommending them. N

  8. I have owned three OLED TV's/ The LG C6 I had in my living room is on during the summer and Christmas school break from 8am to 2am the next day. My wife watches from 7pm to about 11pm and I when she goes to bed I would watch what I wanted to from 11pm till 2am That's 18 hours a day when the kids are on holiday. Maybe 11 hours during school days and back to 18 on weekends. Overall the TV probably clocked in about 10,000 hours of viewing before I sold it. The TV never had any burn issues and the picture quality never diminished. I now have a C7 that is at about the 7000 hour mark and it is also running fine. The last one is a 2019 Sony G8 Oled for the bedroom which I got at a great price. That TV also has no burn in and is working fine. I went form Plasma to OLED and have never looked back

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