Samsung Still the Best 4K TV in 2021 among QLED, LCD LED TVs


Samsung still tops my list for reference quality LCD TVs in 2021! Sponsored by use my 20% Code: SF20 for Windows10(15USD) Office 2016(28USD) Office 2019(46USD) Deals on Samsung QN90A BB
=== TV Leaderboard
==== Best TVs for Your Use Case
For Movies Sony A90J: Amzn BB
2nd Sony A80J: BB Amzn
Best Value Hisense U7G BB
Best Value 85″ Sony X85J: Amzn BB
Budget 50″ X80J: Amzn BB
For Bright Glare QN90A: Amzn BB
2nd Hisense U8G: BB Amzn
For Gaming LG C1/G1: Amzn BB
2nd QN90A: BB Amzn
3rd Sony X90J: Amzn BB
Best 85″ Overall QN90A: BB Amzn
Budget 75″ U6G: BB
Budget 65″ U6G: BB

=== Buy TVs already tested & calibrated: Value Electronics

=== AVR Pre/Pro with Auro3D
Budget: Denon X4700H Amzn
Premium: Monoprice HTP-1
Best: Trinnov from Value Electronics

=== HDMI 2.1 Cables for 4K120 Gaming:
10ft copper UNI
33ft optical RuiPro
165ft CL2 Optical RuiPro

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==== Samsung Still the Best 4K TV in 2021 among LCD, QLED, LED TVs
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===chapter index
0:00 QN90A Reviewer’s Choice
2:02 Leadership in LCD Tech
3:02 Strength: black levels
5:39 Strength: gaming
6:28 Strength: viewing flexibility
7:34 Weaknesses
10:37 Replacing Samsung with…?