Shark Zero M Long Human HAIR TESTS vs Dyson Shark Anti Tangle Brush Roll


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So Zero M stand for zero maintenance and it works by using these little protrusions on the upper portion of the brush housing which basically comb the hair off the brush as it spins.

For the first test we started with human hair which had been dyed different colors so it would show up better, and cut the 14 inch strands down to about 6 or 7 inches. Starting with just a few ounces of hair we tested the Apex, and if you look close you can see that the hair tries to get tangled at first, but by running it a few extra seconds the zero M combs do their job and remove the hair. We tried the same amount of hair a few times with the same results, for all intents and purposes it was perfect, there were a few stray hairs here and there but not really even tangled around the brushroll, mostly just stuck in the bristles and easy to remove. basically it’s a big win.

To remind you how impressive that is check out how the control vacuum the Dyson Multifloor 2 did with the exact same hair length and hair amount. Basically it did what vacuums have always done, get hopelessly tangled in the hair. And Im not picking on Dyson here its just representative of almost every other vacuum cleaner on the market.

We then took long hair, in this case 14 inches and ran the tests again,
With the Dyson it was no surprise, I mean if it got tangled with the shorter hair its sure to get tangled with the longer hair so that was that.

With the Shark Apex Zero M it did about the same, again you can see it needs a little extra time for the Zero M to work but the end result was very similar maybe a few extra stray hairs on the brush afterwards but not much. I should say that there is a limit to what Zero M can do, for example I found that if I increased the amount of hair for it to process at the same time it left more hair, for example a few more ounces of 14 inch hair did get a small tangle, not anywhere near what a regular vacuum would get but still.

Just to see what happened I did a couple tests with a ridiculous amount of hair and did find that there was of course a limit to this magic and you can overload the Zero M combs completely, but, that is a totally unrealistic and pretty unfair test. in general I have to say that Zero M really works and appears to have solved a really major problem, I mean I think its kind of a big deal that vacuum brush rolls might not even need to be cleaned in the future so kudos to Shark for this one.

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