Shopify vs Squarespace 2019: Where's the Best Home for Your Store?


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Shopify and Squarespace are very different in their nature. Shopify is 100%-ecommerce focussed, whereas Squarespace started out as a website builder with a very strong blog.

We are going to find out where each of these builders have their pros and cons. You’ll learn about template choices, scalability, supported payments options and much more. In the end we’ll present a clear winner! But the fight was closer than we originally expected.

Just watch this comparison to find out which one is the right store builder for you! You can also find much more information in our detailed blog post:

Shopify vs Squarespace video contents:
0:15 Pricing Comparison
1:02 Themes and Flexibility
1:32 Payment Gateways
2:15 SEO
3:09 Shipping Options
3:52 Scalability (adding apps)
4:27 Support
5:02 Conclusion and Final Score

I hope you liked this video! If you have any questions about Squarespace or Shopify, please leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer you!