Six of the Best Budget 4K Action Cameras Side by Side Mega Test.


This is six of the best budget action cameras I have reviewed in the last year or so side by side for test! PLUS EIS gyro stabilisation comparison. All sub £200 and most sub £100. Test clips for each camera, split screen view and then full screen. These cameras – Firefly 8SE, Xiaomi Mijia Mini, , SJCam SJ7 Star, SJCam SJ8 Plus, ThiEYE t5e, Xiaomi yi2 4K.

My full reviews for each camera are here Firefly 8SE Gearbest £96
Xiaomi Mijia Mini Banggood £83 , SJCam SJ7 Star, Banggood £93
SJCam SJ8 Plus, Banggood £93 ThiEYE t5e, Gearbest £138
Xiaomi yi2 4K. Gearbest £184