SJCam SJ8 Pro vs. Firefly 8SE – Real 4K Action Cam SHOWDOWN


Skip to video samples: 2:30 || Get it here: || A head-to-head with my top two action cams I tested in 2018. I think they’re both great values but with the video side by side it can help you decide which one will work best for you! This was originally going to be posted for #SideBySideSunday but then I got sick so that delayed it a few days.

Hopefully this footage helps you decide which cam works best for you. Both are fairly solid, if not without their flaws. If you have the extra to spend I do recommend stepping up to the SJ8 Pro, but if you cannot spend that much the 8SE is a great cam too!

Which one do you like better? Let me know in the comments!

Links to buy:
SJ8 Pro:
Amazon –
Amazon UK –
Gearbest (cheaper) –

Firefly 8SE:
Gearbest –
Amazon – don’t bother, it ships from China anyways and is more expensive.

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