SJCAM SJ9 Strike is such an Expensive Disappointment! (4K Action Camera Test and Review)


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IMPORTANT! SJCAM have acknowledged the complications with the build and software, and are offering their help to the users affected; Please use this link to get in touch with the support team :

Time to put the new SJ9 Strike on a serious test! It is expected to be one of the hot 2019 models – can it compete with the GoPro and Osmo Action series?

Apparently relationship with this camera did not start good at all – it arrived with a broken mount. But – then I thought – oh – such a nice box – it must be the only one in the world suffering from this issue. Unboxing was quite a pleasure, and now SJ9 reminds a lot how it feels unboxing of a Gopro hero – stylish box that takes quite a lot of space and inside – there’s pretty much no accessories.
The SJCAM model supports stabilized 4K at 30FPS, just like the new Akaso V50X, with the difference that the model by Akaso costs only $100. You can imagine that my curiosity has been continuously growing – how SJCAM will justify the demanded $250 which after being taxed goes close to $300?
The camera’s design is bulkier than the usual for this form factor, has one button operation. Door on the side – for the charging port, and a door on the bottom – for the battery and the microSDcard.
Unfortunately – when trying to open the battery door for the first time – something strange happened – part of the plastic covering the bottom area god unplugged.
Some tech specs: Ambarella H22, Sony IMX 377 chipset, 0.96 oled front display. Gosh – these are exactly the same specifications as … last year’s Pro model! So for one year, SJCAM have contributed to innovation with this terribly built waterproof body and a battery that is now 100MaH more!
Now, let’s move on to the software side. Which based on the relatively good hardware used, is supposed to be fine. The camera has a really good touch screen, which besides being bright, is very responsive. And the menus are really great – I’d say that user experience with the software on the camera is quite good – menus are many, and fine tuning the shooting modes is possible – and surpasses many other brands. This is one of the few action cameras that shoot decent 120FPS in FULL HD, of course this is not allowing any kind of image stabilization.
And although the software is a part where I want to say more good things rather than bad things: Two simple facts:
The only resolution that gets stabilized at 60FPS is 1080p. As comparison – the Akaso V50X, which costs nearly three times less can stabilize 2K at 60FPS. And also – SJCAM seem to have removed the flat color profile .
In the end – it is an actioncamera with decent video capabilities, however falling short on competing with the Gopro and DJI models, very good user experience with the menu navigation, and questionable quality, and unreasonably high price. And when you add the pillar of getting quite terrible customer support – for $250 – I would easily skip it. If the price goes down, and you can purchase it from a place where return policy is actually respected – yeah the SJ9 Strike could be a good choice!

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