Spirit Halloween 2020 Top Selling Animatronics in Sound and Motion


These have been the top-selling Animatronics so far in 2020 according to Spirit Halloween Top Sellers. Create the graveyard of your dreams (or nightmares!) with any of Spirit Halloween animatronics, and maybe even add a zombie or two to scare your guests. You can create any scary scene you want using any of our horrifying Halloween animatronics. Animatronics can range from family-friendly to downright horrifying, which allows you to make your Halloween as fun or as scary as you want it to be. So whether you want a fog-breathing dragon to wow everyone who walks by or a 7’ bloodthirsty clown who will scare even the bravest soul, you know you’ll be able to find the perfect animatronic at Spirit Halloween.

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  1. Abandoned Annie
  2. Arctic Dragon
  3. Blood Brothers
  4. Bloodthirsty Betty
  5. Clown Ferris Wheel
  6. Crouchy
  7. Demonic Dahlia
  8. Emperor of Souls
  9. Experimental Eddie
  10. Graveyard Ghoul
  11. Headless Help
  12. Jack Straw
  13. Mr. Toots
  14. Pennywise (2019)
  15. Ring Around the Rosie
  16. Rotten Ringmaster
  17. Rusty
  18. Terror Dog Life-Sized Replica
  19. The Collector
  20. Tortured Torso Constant Motion
  21. Trick ‘r Treat Sam
  22. Tug-of-War Clowns
  23. Waving Wally
  24. Twisty the Clown
  25. Towering Reaper
  26. Double Trouble

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