Spirit Halloween Top 10 Animatronic Haunted House Mazes


View the latest Spirit Halloween Animatronic in theme settings for many current and upcoming animatronic releases for 2020 Haunted Mazes.

#1 Haunted Hotel
Check into the Haunted Hotel at your local Spirit Halloween, but you may never leave!

#2. Zombie Station
All aboard, just make sure you watch your step!

#3 Voodoo Swamp
Come explore my haunted swamp filled with cackling creatures, ravenous zombies, and growling beast!

#4 Area 31
You’ll need to be quarantined after entering Area 31 at Spirit Halloween!

#5 Reaper’s Wharf
Beware the creepy cargo aboard the S.S. Rip Tide!

#6 Clock Tower
Kill time at the Clock Tower in your local Spirit Halloween!

#7 The Hollow
Enter Spirit Hollow at your own risk!

#8 Dead Harvest Farm
The Dead Harvest Farm House is full of frights!

#9 Spirit Acre Farm
Spirit Acre Farms will fill you with fear!

#10 Creepy Carnival
Let Mr. Toots give you a tour of the creepiest carnival around!

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