The 10 Sharpest Lenses I've Ever Tested: for 2019


I decided to make and publish this video a few weeks early, in case it helped some of you with your Christmas shopping!

A lot has happened in the world of optics the past two years. I’ve recently been reviewing some unimaginably sharp, new lenses, and this list was in need of a serious update for 2019: so here we are.

These are:
1) Full-frame lenses I’ve tested (and I mostly test on Canon and Sony gear, so sorry, but no Nikon, Micro 4/3 etc.)…
2) …which cost under £1,000 GBP (approx. $1,300 US)

I’m sure this list will be nice and controversial and I’ll get all kinds of accusations of bias here and there and everywhere! But these are simply based on the test results I’ve managed to get from each lens. Hope you enjoy – let me know if there are any amazingly sharp lenses I’ve missed below.

FAQs as they come:
Q) Why is the Sigma 135mm f/1.8 ‘ART’ listed as being under £1,000? A) It can be found on the grey market for under £1,000, and on domestic markets it can be found for only a little over £1,000

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All pictures and footage shot by me on Canon 60D, 70D, 6D and EOS M3 cameras, and Sony a7R II, a6300 and a5100 cameras.

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