I know you love to dress up your pets! So, in this opportunity, I’m bringing you amazing costumes for the spoiled kitten. Let the show begin!

Nyan Cat
I bet you still remember this! A particular meme that went viral in April 2011. Despite the passing years, this character keeps his fame.

Pirate Cat
Your heart can’t help but melt for this cat in a pirate costume. Just look at his walking, King of the Seven Seas!

Minions Cat
Minions! They knocked the socks off everybody with their funny personalities.

Super Mario Cat
Who has not played Mario Bros? There’re so many versions of the game that no matter what generation you belong to!

Bee Cat
How interesting! This distinctive costume has it all to look like a bee.

Yoda Cat
Master Yoda is one of the most iconic characters from Star Wars, so it’s not unusual to see a pet dressed up as this great figure.

Taco Cat
When you see this costume, you can only say: food has legs! Don’t believe me? Check out by yourself!

Hello Kitty
I never thought I’d see a cat dressed up as another cat, Kitty! So, I was totally surprised by this costume.

Corporate Cat
If you were looking for someone who can help you with your finances, I recommend this elegant corporate kitten who may advise you.

Lobster Cat
I’ve seen cats dressed up as superheroes! Cats dressed up as fruits! As food!

Sushi Cat
This is one of the cutest costumes you’ll see on this list. Check it out! It’s so adorable that I want to caress it!

Monkey Cat
This is the most bizarre thing you’ll find on this list! It’s difficult to see him clearly, at first glance he seems like a monkey.

Harry Potter Cat
Cats have always been a reference in magic, so it’s not surprising to see one dressed up as a student at the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Breaking Bad Cat
Who has not heard of the famous series Breaking Bad? Where you see Walter White and Jesse Pinkman getting involved in the drug world and being in constant danger.

Trump Cat
The United States has its President: Donald Trump! And I have the Trump Cat, although he seems serious, he is very kind.

Remember that in these difficult times it is the moment to prevent and follow the recommendations so #StayHome and have fun #WithMe.

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