The Ark Valentine's Day Event – How to Get all the Ark Love Evolved Valentine's Day Event Items


The Ark Valentine’s Day Event: Ark Love Evolved, is finally here from February 11-18, 2020! This Ark Valentines Event Guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Love Evolved event. We will show you how to get the Ark Valentine’s Day event items, how to get Ark Chibis, and what Valentine’s Day items you can get during the event. We will also show you how to fish in Ark so you can know how to catch the pink valentine’s day fish during this event.

If you missed the Ark Valentine’s Day Event, you can still get all the items from the event using admin commands if you play offline or if you’re the server admin for your server. Start by watching this guide to using admin commands:

Once you know how to use admin commands, you can use this link to find all the codes to spawn in every item and chibi you want from the event:

To learn how to breed dinosaurs in Ark, check out this video:

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