The BEST Android Phones – Jan 2019


Where to buy the best of the best in Android:

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  1. Android phones re pieces of shit, system updste, system optimizing…fk android its the worst goddamn product i ever bought. I truly have not hated a product morenthan the assholes who made this piece of shit phone and honest to god i hope this company plummets into the ground worse than Myspace and AOL. if i hax cash id pay ppl not to buy thisnl garbage phone

  2. If the "oneplus 6t" is "60% of the price" and Amazon has it for between $499.99 and $829, I'd hate to have to look up the prices of the other phones, if the channel had put a list of the phones under the video. I guess price is the reason they dared not do that. Useless video.

  3. I have a note 9 and it's a beast in every sense of the word. The screen size and clarity can't be beat. I would say that the front camera is the only thing lacking in quality.

  4. Best overall? Pixel 3/3XL? 😂😂 Buggy, crap build quality, no jack, no micro sd, piss-poor ram, ugly notch on the XL model. Yeah right!

  5. I have a note 5. I have had it for a year now. It has a nano sim card which I can use in any unlocked phone. I get free WiFi, I never have to worry about data because it is free. My monthly bill is 0. I am going to upgrade, or get a stock Android so I don't get all the useless bloatware. I have made calls to Japan, Norway, Hawaii, I can call anywhere no problems what so ever

  6. I am here cox my waterproof S8 died after I accidentally dropped it 1 feet deep water. maybe 1 feet is 6m for Samsung… know I miss my Nek sex I mean Nexus 6 I used it for almost 6 years

  7. Anyone wanna recommend me a good smartphone?
    I'm gonna sell my Sony Xperia XZ that I'm currently using and I'm looking for a new phone. (preferably android since, apple is well, apple (crap)).
    Unlike many people, I really liked the rectangular design of xperias, but obviously since Sony has changed the design on their latest flagship (which looks absolutely horrible 🤮 if u ask me) that kinda made me get away from Sony this time. My XZ has become laggy now, the camera isn't that great, it keeps closing down apps and UI system 🙄, basically saying that it's getting old and can't handle 'modern' apps no more even though it's not that much of an old smartphone 🙁
    and I think that most Sony phones are overpriced now for what they offer as well.
    As I said, I really miss the rectangular design, and I do realise that most Smartphones are designed to have the least amount of bezels showing, and that kind of Samsung'y square camera design at the back (which I absolutely loathe :/) so that kind of sucks I guess…
    I want a smartphone that will last me for a very long time (I do realise though that technology these days is 'made to fail' in order for companies to make money and make you keep constantly buying new phones 🙁 and that the way apps develop so quickly, older phones cannot handle them etc)
    But as I said, I want a smartphone that will last me that little bit longer since I realise how much of a problem technology poses to the environment (from exploitation of natural resources like silicon to child labour/slavery in Congo in order to mine this stuff out) so I want to minimise my impact and buy a phone that I won't have to get rid off for a long while.
    I would also prefer if the interface was similar to that of a xperia device, I've seen how Samsung and other interfaces look like, and I'm not a huge fan of some of those tbh.
    I also want the phone to have a sd card slot and to be able to transfer files etc. To and from a USB by connecting a USB dongle/cable to the device, like a do with my Xperia or even a dslr camera.
    I could also connect my ps4 to my phone. (idk if the playstation remote app is available for all other android devices, so info on that would be good). Also, long battery life, smaller display size as well, (I hate the fact that they make the display as big as possible these days, it just seems so unnecessary to me and a complete waste of battery life)
    Oh and a headphone jack would be good 😂

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any replies.

  8. I got HTC u12 plus and tired of promises for software updates very good phones but im going to go with stock for now on it has a better customer support and quick security and software updates and fixes and i garanteed pixels will last you 3-4 year's but i upgrade before that anyway but it good to know for $900-1000 that you will be getting software updates for three year for sure garanteed👌

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