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In this Tamil Inspirational video, Karaikudi Sa Balakumar shares a birthday gift idea of his friend (in Thenkachi Ko Swaminathan style).
It is such an awesome gift that when you watch this video, you will be inspired and gift your husband or wife the same.

There are so many good birthday gift ideas, but this one will make your partner feel special. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for this. It will look like a lot of work, but no it isn’t.
If you follow the method mentioned in this video, it will be a piece of cake.

Gift this to your partner and look at the surprise in your partner’s face.

Ok, enough hype. The gift is actually to cook the same number of dishes as your partner’s age. Suppose your partner is turning 30, cook 30 dishes for him the whole day.
Cooking 30 dishes may sound astounding, but no it isn’t. You may use OPOS method of cooking. It is One Pot One Shot. You can cook any dish easily in 3 minutes to 10 minutes with just one pressure cooker in one shot.
That’s the magic of OPOS. You will just load the cooker, put it in the oven, and rest in your couch. Count the whistles and your dish will be done. It’s that simple.
The food will be as tasty as traditionally cooked dishes, and multiple times faster. It’s also healthier. Once you learn the basic technique of OPOS, you can cook any dish you want even if you have no prior cooking experience.

Following are some links to OPOS cooking channels and facebook page. Have a look there and you’ll get plenty of help.
OPOS YouTube channel:
OPOS Facebook group:

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