The Best Budget Studio Monitors – Kali Audio LP6 Review and Giveaway


In this video I explain why I think the Kali Audio LP6 are the best affordable Studio Monitor on the market today. At $159 each they are a serious professional monitor at an affordable price.

I have tested out many different monitors in the search for one that I can recommend and I can assure you – The hype around these monitors is legitimate.
I have been using them as my main monitors for several months and have really put them through their paces. For both producing a mixing I believe these are the best in the price range by a large margin.
I also discuss a few drawbacks and keep my review balanced as always.
More detail of the issues –
The crackle is completely fixed on new units, it was just some of the first run that had the issue.
The auto power off can be disabled and won’t affect all units.

If you want to purchase a pair, using my link will get you the best price and also give me a small commission, which I’d greatly appreciate.

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