The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2010

  1. Here’s to Heidi and Seal Heidi Klum and Seal LOVE Halloween. The couple throws an annual outrageous bash (this year at Lavo in NYC) and their costumes never disappoint. This year, Heidi went as a “scary alien transformer” and wore stilts to make her a staggering 8-feet tall! Seal didn’t have the height, but he sure packed on the muscle to take on the silver surfer character.
  2. Decisions, Decisions Poor Kim Kardashian had a really tough time deciding what to wear out for Halloween. She ultimately chose to be Little Red Riding Hood, leaving a Queen of Hearts, leopard, and pirate costume at home. It’s safe to say any of the sexy ensembles would have been a big hit.
  3. All Vamped Up Sisters Aly and AJ Michalka headed to Pandora club to celebrate Halloween. Aly spent the evening as a vampire maid, while her sis was a bit more witchy — but still sported some fake blood on her face.
  4. Officer Aguilera It’s Officer Aguilera! XTina donned a fierce black dress and a tiny police officer hat at the Pandora club on Halloween. The outfit really came together with the help of the bright red lipstick and fierce aviators.
  5. Toy Story Forget about the sexy ensembles — Alyson Hannigan (as Raggedy Ann) and family stole the spotlight with their adorable toy costumes. Her daughter Satyana was a sock monkey, while husband Alex Denisof was a toy soldier. Simply adorable.
  6. Birds of a Feather Liv Tyler took spent the evening trick-or-treating with her young son, but that didn’t stop her from throwing on a scary bird (crow?) costume and making her way around the neighborhood. It appears as though she also tracked down a Wookiee on her walk.
  7. Man and Wife We applaud Kate Beckinsale and hubby Len Wiseman who dressed as Frankenstine and his bride. Her hair, his leather pants — what’s not to love?
  8. To Infinity, and Beyond! Chris Noth looks rather uncomfortable while dressed as Buzz Lightyear, but we’re guessing his young son was pretty excited to be seen with his cool dad while they racked up the candy in Brentwood. That’s what matters, right?
  9. Pretty in Pink Calista Flockhart made an awesome Miss Piggy on Halloween — the pink boa and padded sweatpants really came together nicely. On the right we have Harrison Ford dressed as a nun, carrying two bottles of wine! If that’s what adults get while trick-or-treating, count us in!
  10. Just Wonderful Actress Alessandra Torresani dressed to impress to host a Halloween party at her apartment. She makes for a rather impressive Wonder Woman, don’t ya think?
  11. Meow! Singer Ashanti made for a super sexy jungle cat in her fancy fishnets and wild corset. We particularly like her furry ears, but where are her whiskers!?
  12. So Blue CNN correspondent Alina Cho walked the red carpet at Heidi Klum’s Halloween bash in what we believe is some sort of butterfly ensemble. We don’t exactly get it, but the crazy iridescent blue cape is a win.
  13. Flying High Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones merited an invite the Heidi’s fiesta, too. She dressed as Amelia Earhart and we’re wondering if she fashioned her ensemble herself!
  14. Black Magic Designer Marc Bouwer’s dramatic costumes surely turned heads on Halloween. There’s just so much to look at: vinyl boots, a tutu, loads of lace, a top hat, a BIRD — not to mention those dramatic eyes!
  15. Into Orbit Miss Universe Ximena Navarrete really took her beauty pageant title literally for her costume! Her head was surrounded by, well, the universe, while the rest of her outfit consisted of some black Halloween basics: a cape, killer boots, and lots of cleavage.
  16. Tale As Old as Time We love the creativity that went into Christian Siriano’s dancing feather duster costume (think Beauty and the Beast). Apparently he told reporters he “made the interns” create it! Nothing like some hired help for fashioning an over-the-top Halloween costume.