The Best Christmas Gifts for the Tractor Owner


One of the perks of doing a YouTube Channel about tractors is getting to test new products. With Christmas coming, here is a compilation of my favorite aftermarket items for the tractor owner.

Top on the list is the Lube Shuttle “No Mess” grease gun. One of the most-hated parts of greasing is changing the grease tubes and Lube Shuttle has made that a breeze. Lube Shuttle cartridges screw in…there’s no heavy spring and plunger to get out of the way and no nasty, slick grease tube to try to get out. It’s available in pistol grip, lever grip, or battery powered versions. The latter are currently on sale on my website. Also, add safeLOCK to Lube Shuttle for the ultimate greasing experience.

Tractor Caddy is an invention that arose from a problem of trying to carry a chainsaw, pruners, or a leaf blower to the field. There’s NO PLACE TO STORE THESE ITEMS ON A TRACTOR!!! I went to a local manufacturing company and they devised the Tractor Caddy, a heavy metal tray which mounts with brackets clamped to the roll bar and can carry up to 40 pounds of weight. I get lots of comments from customers who love their Tractor Caddy, it’s a great place to stow your stuff.

The Rhinohide tractor canopy is unique in that it is easily removable; I’m able to get on and off by myself. It’s made out of the same material that dumpster lids are made of and so it’s tough and very light. Having a canopy greatly cools the operator area in the summer and protects you from UV rays, it also offers protection if you get caught in rain or snow. Rhinohide fits any roll bar up to 42″ wide; special brackets are available for wider ROPS. It does involve drilling six holes to mount…two in the brackets and four in the canopy. Once mounted you get the best of both worlds, shade from the sun when it’s hot and the ability to remove it and go back in the woods when it’s in the way.

If you have someone on your Christmas list who does service work, a SpeedyFlo Funnel is a great gift. When pouring oil into an engine, an air bubble can form at the bottom of a funnel. When it comes to the top it will spew oil everywhere. A SpeedyFlo Funnel has an air tube that runs down to side of it that enables oil to be poured into an engine like water. It’s a great gift for the “gearhead” on your list.

A heavy cup holder should be standard equipment on every tractor. This one was devised by a friend and is made of 7 gauge steel and weighs a pound! It fits a Yeti, and is designed to lock the handle of many coffee cups so they don’t go anywhere with the vibration of the tractor.

A diverter valve is a game changer in being able to mount attachments requiring hydraulic flow on the front of a tractor. The X-Tra Valve Kit allows you to push a button to divert oil from the tilt and curl circuit of your loader to remote plug ins on the front of the tractor. When installed you can mount a grapple, tree shear or puller, or any other device with a hydraulic cylinder, and power it easily. If the tractor owner you know doesn’t have hydraulic flow at the front end loader, the X-Tra Valve Kit makes a great gift idea.

Once you have hydraulic capabilities at the front end loader, get an Add-A-Grapple. The Add-A-Grapple mounts on the front loader bucket and is an inexpensive way to add grapple capabilities to your tractor. It comes either with single or double grapples and mounts with only eight bolts.

If you struggle hooking up three point implements, Pat’s Easy Change is for you. The Pat’s system is an “eagle claw”- type coupler that mounts over the tractor’s three point arms. When attaching implements, back under the pins and raise the lower link arms and the Pat’s Easy Change will cradle the attachment. Lock the pins in place, hook up the PTO and the top link and your implement is ready to work, in a fraction of the time it took to attach implements the old way.

Most sub-compact tractors do not have quick attach brackets for the front end loader buckets. Adaptors to retrofit many of those tractors with quick attach are available, which opens up a whole new world of versatility for the sub compact owner. The male part of the kit bolts right on, the female part requires torching off the old bucket brackets and welding on a new plate (supplied with the kit), a job that can be handled by most welding shops. At that point you can easily change from a bucket to pallet forks (and those are offered at a discount when ordering the kit), or to any other attachment that fit a skid loader.

Finally, my all-time favorite tractor attachment is pallet forks. If you have a quick attach bucket and don’t own a set of pallet forks, get them and you can thank me later. I offer a set on my website that has tremendous visibility to the forks and is heavy-built, with a 4400 lbs lift capacity.

Any of these items will make a great gift for the tractor owner. Here’s where to go to get them:

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