The Best of Google I/O 2019 For Your Smart Home…in 14 Minutes!


The Best of Google I/O 2019 For Your Smart Home…in 14 Minutes!

There was a ton of new capabilities and functionality at Google I/O 2019, especially as it related to your smart home, or what Google is now calling the Helpful Home. I’ve summarized what you need to know in 14 minutes in this video about your new AI enhanced Google experience.

The Google Home Hub is no more. Long live the Nest Hub! Not only that, but the Nest Hub Max was released, and it is every bit as exciting as we thought. The price for the Nest Hub Max is $229, which is a fantastic price.

The Nest Hub was also reduced to $129, and now you can purchase one of those in a lot of countries (including Canada)!

There are a number of new capabilities, including a new gesture support with the Nest Hub Max. Face Match also is a new thing that will make the device more personalized to you. You also no longer have to say “hey google” to stop an alarm. Yes!

Google Assistant is getting a massive number of updates, including more local processing, better and clearer privacy and security measures, and of course a number of new features.

The new Driving Mode for Google Assistant is impressive, and it gives you a dashboard that has what you need to drive and not be distracted by your device. Things like Duplex on the Web were especially impressive, as this means you can fill out forms with information from your calendar and other sources using your voice assistant…except you didn’t have to talk to your voice assistant.

There’s more to find out about in this video, but I think we can say that #Google #IO #2019 was a great event. Here’s their live stream:

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