Meet the best smartphones of 2019. If you want to have the best mobile device this year, you have to see this top.

-Samsung GALAXY NOTE 9
This smartphone perfectly captures the essence of a successful businessperson, who likes to express their creativity or who has the soul of a gamer.

-Samsung Galaxy S10
This smartphone makes us see our beloved Galaxy S9, considered one of the best, just like a distant memory. It is more elegant, bigger and lighter.

Since the Huawei P20 PRO, we already enjoyed a good quality of photography, as well as battery life and efficiency. But the P30 PRO has taken these features to an entirely new level.

This device brings together every Huawei innovation ever: it has a curved AMOLED 1 440 pixels screen with an exceptionally high pixel density, a triple camera and a 40-watt fast charge.

The screen of this phone has a quality and precision of color and brightness that will surprise you.

-Apple iPhone XS
If you are someone who hates to be limited, this device may be for you. The iPhone XS meant a total rethink of the iPhone.

And in our spot number 6 we have this high-end device that uses new technology and good sensors; but, above all, its price makes it one of the most affordable smartphones costing between 500 and 600 dollars.

-Samsung Galaxy Fold
Many of us didn’t believe what we were seeing at the Samsung Developer Conference held in November 2018. In this event, Samsung presented its innovative folding phone, which had that peculiarity thanks to its Infinity Flex Display technology.

-Xiaomi Pocophone F2
In 2018, Xiaomi’s POCO surprised the public with its Pocophone F1. What made it so special was the fact that it was the cheapest smartphone in the world with the first Snapdragon 845 fast processor.

-Nokia 9 PureView
Are you one of those who believe that more is better? This device does not have 2 or 3 cameras, but 5. You listened well, 5 rear cameras.

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